Supplementary material supporting my PhD thesis. Click here for the thesis itself

NameLast modifiedSizeDescription
ABSTRACT.txt12-Oct-2018 18:06 2.1KAbstract of the thesis
CBS-beta-website.zip18-Sep-2018 17:21 874KDownload the CBS-beta website snapshot, containing CBS definitions of example languages and the core funcons. Browse it here:
CBS2IML-refocussed.iml22-Feb-2019 15:55 231KFull IML specification of translated CBS funcons in a single file, refocussed
CBS2IML-refocussed.zip22-Feb-2019 15:51 105KDownload the IML specifications of translated CBS funcons, refocussed
CBS2IML.iml22-Feb-2019 15:55 222KFull IML specification of translated CBS funcons in a single file
CBS2IML.zip22-Feb-2019 15:51 100KDownload the IML specifications of translated CBS funcons
caml-light-reuse.tar.gz22-Feb-2019 15:31 45KCaml Light case study
funcons-intgen.tar.gz08-Sep-2018 13:02 48KCBS to Haskell compiler, generating micro-intepreters from funcon definitions
funcons-lambda-cbv-mp.tar.gz08-Sep-2018 13:02 7.2KExecutable specification of a call-by value lambda-calculus with meta-programming (Van Binsbergen 2018)
funcons-tools.tar.gz08-Sep-2018 13:02 72KThe Haskell Funcon Framework: tools for executing funcon terms based on modular micro-interpreters
funcons-values.tar.gz08-Sep-2018 13:02 72KA universe of types, values, and operations, corresponding to CBS built-ins
gll.tar.gz08-Sep-2018 13:02 36KGLL parsing with flexible BNF combinators
iml-tools.tar.gz08-Sep-2018 13:02 65KIML interpreter and tools
mini-reuse.tar.gz22-Feb-2019 15:31 17KMini case study
supplementary.zip22-Feb-2019 15:50 2.8MDownload all supplementary material
thesis.pdf24-Mar-2019 08:43 1.5MPhD Thesis - L. Thomas van Binsbergen