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Journal papers

  • Purely Functional GLL Parsing. Journal of Computer Languages (January 2020). L. Thomas van Binsbergen, Elizabeth Scott, and Adrian Johnstone. [DOI] [Preprint]
  • Derivation representation using binary subtree sets. Science of Computer Programming (April 2019). Elizabeth Scott, Adrian Johnstone and L. Thomas van Binsbergen. [DOI] [Preprint]
  • Executable Component-Based Semantics. Journal of Logical and Algebraic Methods in Programming (February 2019). L. Thomas van Binsbergen, Peter D. Mosses and Neil Sculthorpe. [DOI] [Preprint]
  • Ask-Elle: an Adaptable Programming Tutor for Haskell Giving Automated Feedback. International Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Education (February 2016). Alex Gerdes, Bastiaan Heeren, Johan Jeuring and L. Thomas van Binsbergen. [DOI] [Preprint]

Conference papers

  • eFLINT: a Domain-Specific Language for Executable Norm Specifications. Proceedings of GPCE '20 (November 2020). L. Thomas van Binsbergen, Lu-Chi Liu, Robert van Doesburg, and Tom van Engers. [DOI] [Preprint] [Video]
  • A principled approach to REPL interpreters. Proceedings of Onward! '20 (October 2020). L. Thomas van Binsbergen, Mauricio Verano Merino, Pierre Jeanjean, Tijs van der Storm, Benoit Combemale, and Olivier Barais. [DOI] [Preprint] [Video]
  • Funcons for HGMP: the fundamental constructs of homogeneous generative meta-programming (short paper). Proceedings of GPCE '18 (November 2018). L. Thomas van Binsbergen. [DOI] [Authorized access]
  • GLL parsing with flexible combinators. Proceedings of SLE' 18 (October 2018). L. Thomas van Binsbergen, Elizabeth Scott and Adrian Johnstone. [DOI] [Authorized access]
  • Checking cryptographic API usage with composable annotations (short paper). Proceedings of PEPM '18 (December 2017). Duncan Mitchell, L. Thomas van Binsbergen, Blake Loring and Johannes Kinder. [DOI] [Authorized access]
  • Tool support for component-based semantics. Companion proceedings of Modularity '16 (March 2016). L. Thomas van Binsbergen, Neil Sculthorpe and Peter D. Mosses. [DOI] [Authorized access]
  • Linearly Ordered Attribute Grammars Scheduling Using SAT-Solving. Proceedings of TACAS' 15 ( 2015). Jeroen Bransen, L. Thomas van Binsbergen, Koen Claessen and Atze Dijkstra. [DOI]
  • Linearly Ordered Attribute Grammars: with Automatic Augmenting Dependency Selection. Proceedings of PEPM' 15 (January 2015). L. Thomas van Binsbergen, Jeroen Bransen and Atze Dijkstra. [DOI] [Authorized access]
  • Model solutions and properties for diagnosing student programs in Ask-Elle. Proceedings of CSERC' 14 (November 2014). Johan Jeuring, L. Thomas van Binsbergen, Alex Gerdes and Bastiaan Heeren. [DOI] [Authorized access]