I am an assistant professor at the University of Amsterdam conducting research on the topic of data exchange systems, modular language specification and software language engineering. I teach programming languages (BSc Informatica) and Software Evolution (MSc Software Engineering). This website is up to date with regards to (recent) publications, preprints and presentations.

Keywords: modular language definition, domain-specific languages, formal specification, modelling languages, policy-enhanced data-sharing, generalised top-down parsing, declarative programming, purely functional programming, I-MSOS, FunCons, attribute grammars, computer science education

Roles, committees and memberships

  • Assistant Professor at the University of Amsterdam [Profile]
  • Board member for the IPA doctoral school (2023-) [Site]
  • UvA’s PI on the AMdEX-Fieldlab and AMdEX-DMI projects (Amsterdam Data Exchange) [AMdEX] [DMI ecosysteem]
  • Associate member of the Agile Language Engineering team [Site]
  • Member of the Assocation of Computing Machinery (ACM) [Profile]


  • ACM Distinghuised Reviewer Award: SLE2023

Previous roles

  • Programme committee member and reviewer for SLE2023, Onward!2023, IFL2023, PAINT2023, PLNL2023, IFL2021
  • (External) Reviewer for:
    • Journal of Software and Systems Modelling 2023
    • Journal of AI Research (JAIR) 2022
    • Journal of AI and Law (2023)
    • Software Language Engineering (SLE) 2020, 2021
    • European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS) Data Management and Sharing in Ecosystems Track 2023
    • Eelco Visser Commemorative Symposium (2023)
  • PhD Evaluation Committee of Marcela Tuler de Oliveira 2023, Mostafa M. Parizi 2024, Peter Fratric 2024
  • Organiser of Programming Languages in the Netherlands (PLNL) 2023
  • Student volunteer, British Colloquium of Theoretical Computer Science (BCTCS) 2018
  • Postgraduate representative, British Colloquium of Theoretical Computing Science (BCTCS) 2016/17
  • PhD student representative, Royal Holloway, University of London 2015/16

PhD supervision

  • Lu-Chi Liu, PhD student 2020–
  • Milen G. Kebede, PhD student 2020–
  • Christopher Esterhuyse, PhD student 2021–
  • Damian Frölich, PhD student 2021–

Interesting theses